Ontario elearning, Ottawa e-learning
Ontario elearning, Ottawa e-learning
Ontario elearning, Ottawa e-learning

Our Partners

4Forward partners with a range of companies to provide additional expertise and customization for our clients.

pixelera 4Forward partners with Pixelera Inc. to combine our proven instructional design process with Pixelera's expertise in web design, e-learning, and multimedia development. Our joint team handles all aspects of e-learning program implementation: planning, design, development and integration of the blueprint, print materials, and video and online modules that match the needs of each client.
tait  Tait Communications and Consulting develops strategies, plans and solutions that fit the needs of their clients in northern and western Canada. We partner with Tait to provide content that is more suitable to northern and aboriginal audiences, and to provide facilitation and coaching services.
coachingourselves CoachingOurselves helps managers learn from each other, and gives organizations a cost-effective method for developing leadership capacity. CoachingOurselves programs are used by 15,000 managers in 8 languages around the world. Participants are organized into groups of 4-6. One member trains as a manager-facilitator for the group, and delivers a curriculum of CoachingOurselves modules for the group to work through. Each module combines high-quality content, questions, and exercises. Through dialogue and experience sharing, participants unravel a novel perspective, idea, or management theory and stimulate reflection, learning, and action.
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