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Our Team

Our team is comprised of talented instructional designers with diverse backgrounds serving clients across many sectors. Visit Our Partners to find out how we leverage partnerships to offer our clients additional services like e-learning development, facilitation, and coaching.

David G. Luke – Founder and Managing Director

David is an experienced and talented learning consultant, writer and entrepreneur. David offers consulting services in business analysis, learning design, learning materials development, competency research and development, job analysis, job profiling, learning needs assessment and report writing.

David has designed learning materials for managers and employees in all sectors, and has been involved in organizational development and transformation since, well, forever.

When he's not leading the team at 4Forward, David enjoys running, snowshoeing, reading and eastern philosophy, in particular the works of Buddhist master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.


Brie Barker – Sr. Learning & Development Specialist 

Brie is a seasoned learning and development professional, having served over 70 organizations, across North America.

Brie blends creativity, process and structure to create and deliver engaging and effective learning and development programs. Through needs assessment, instructional design, e-learning development, facilitation and coaching, Brie can serve a client's specific needs from beginning to end.

Brie is passionate about helping current and aspiring leaders in their professional growth, engaging them with openness, good will and humour.


Allana Chatterton – Project Manager

Allana excels at team management, co-ordination, administration, and client services. She is responsible for daily task scheduling and follow up, contract negotiation, invoicing, and client feedback. Allana develops solid working relationships with our partners and clients across Canada, and keeps us all on-track and on-budget.


Erin McLaughlin-Guthrie – Bid Coordinator

Erin has worked in corporate communications as a writer, editor, and managing editor for the last 15 years. She worked in both the private and non-profit sectors, primarily at national health organizations. Erin constantly scans the business environment, looking for ways that 4Forward can help new companies or form new, mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Erin enjoys reading, gardening, skiing, and spending time with her family. She is also learning how to play the fiddle.

4Forward offers additional expertise through our partners.

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