4Forward has been designing and delivering innovative, high-quality learning materials for diverse organizations in both Canada and the USA for more than 20 years, including:

Municipal Government

The Association of Municipal Administrators, Nova Scotia (AMANS)

4Forward created 5 two-day workshops on leadership development for Nova Scotia's municipal mangers and elected officials. The workshops covered a variety of transferable skills including team building, facilitation, change management, and communication, as well as technical skills such as reading financial statements and preparing a municipal budget. Each workshop used case studies to address concerns specific to the region, and included discussions and activities that leveraged participants' real world experiences into learning opportunities.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Working closely with Wood Buffalo's staff, 4Forward is currently developing 14 half-day Leadership Development courses. This program will help RMWB supervisors, managers, and senior staff to strengthen their skills and build leader-coaching relationships, important steps to increase productivity and connect employees with the goals of the municipality. A wide array of leadership topics will be covered including team development, self-development as it relates to leadership, and leading through change. Our customized leadership development program will teach leaders how they can personally help support the goals of the RMWB and benefit their communities.

Government of the Northwest Territories – Department of Municipal and Community Affairs

In partnership with Tait Communications and Consulting, 4Forward contracted with the GNWT to develop curriculum and materials for its Recreation Facility Supervision course. The course will help community government staff become better able to manage their local recreation facilities, from planning through staffing and maintenance and beyond. It has been designed to be delivered over 3 days with approximately 24 hours of modular instructional materials.

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Government

Major Financial Institution

As part of a visioning and values exercise, we designed a series of activities to align and engage staff with the corporate strategic direction and vision. The project team spent time collaborating with staff from all levels to examine their behaviours, challenges and mindsets. We then developed a highly relevant exercise that combined recommendations, development materials, and staff workshops to provide the institution's senior leadership team with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to develop staff and foster alignment and engagement.

Government of the Northwest Territories

In partnership with Tait Communications and Consulting, 4Forward is developing a customized coaching program with both online and in-class components designed to help leaders and managers at all levels within the GNWT. The online component will teach foundational information that prepares participants for the one-day, in-class workshop where the nuanced nature of coaching will be discussed and participants will have the opportunity to practice coaching skills. Facilitators will use coaching skills to model behaviours, offering participants the opportunity to experience coaching from the point-of-view of the employee.

Employment and Social Development Canada

In support of the Essential Skills initiative, 4Forward developed three learning tools for ESDC:

  • Tip Sheet / Learning Strategies;
  • Essential Skills Passport; and
  • Essential Skills Portfolio.

These learning tools required in-depth understanding of workplace training needs, adult learning, facilitation and research methodologies. The objective of these projects was to develop practical and usable training aids to help employees and job seekers build, improve and maintain the Essential Skills required of all Canadian workers.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Working with Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC), in partnership with Stonehaven Productions, we created an "Ontario Day to Day" for newcomers to Canada, and a presentation guide for front-line immigration and employment service workers. The orientation kit includes a workbook, quiz, quick reference card, complementing a video, delivered in twelve languages.

British Columbia Non-Profit Sector

4Forward, in partnership with CoachingOurselves, Volunteer Victoria, and InsideOut Policy Research, completed a large-scale, multi-faceted project for the Vancouver Foundation, funded by BC's Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, focusing on the development of leadership and management capacity among BC's 26,000 non-profit organizations.

This project included the design and development of a Leadership Road Map, including a self-assessment tool; the creation of a web-based Leadership Development Resource Hub to help sector employees find courses, seminars, and other resources; a Succession Planning / Knowledge Transfer Framework; and the creation of leadership development programs designed to foster resilience and adaptability among non-profit organizations.

This collection of research, tools, resources and processes helped staff and management build leadership, resiliency and adaptive skills

Check out the website - StepUpBC 


Community Health Centers

4Forward worked with three Ottawa Community Health Centers (CHCs), a group of organizations facing unique leadership challenges, to develop and facilitate a training program geared towards building leadership capacity in the senior management teams. Involving participants in a highly experiential, collaborative learning process, 4Forward designed a uniquely relevant workshop series. Workshop participants developed tools, practices and competencies necessary for exceptional leadership.

A blended style of thought-provoking lectures, group exercises, case studies, and team challenges, this project honed in on the particular challenges faced by staff in community and public health sectors. The workshops resulted in a leadership development program that helped to bring current and emerging healthcare leaders together to reach their fullest potential.

Tourism & Hospitality

Government of the Northwest Territories – Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment

4Forward partnered with Tait Communications and Consulting and independent subject-matter experts, to design and deliver capacity-building workshops and resource material for community-based tourism initiatives. This project served the important role of stimulating the development of community-based tourism across the Northwest Territories by providing each community with an engaging, accessible, tailored framework for developing a community tourism strategy. The client appreciated that we were able to take into account the unique needs of the learner audience and include cultural references and materials to personalize learning.

Tourism HR Canada

4Forward developed a suite of self-directed tools for tourism and recreation leaders. The materials, customized to each particular tourism environment, fostered greater adaptability, self-management, leadership, communication and team-building skills among managers and leaders. This project, a multi-faceted approach to leadership development, consisted of a range of elements including orientation kits and guides, self-directed workbooks, a series of innovative WebQuests, and mentorship training materials.


The Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

4Forward, in partnership with Pixelera, brought together exceptional e-learning development and graphic design to customize online services that benefited Algonquin College and their student audience. We provided clear, concise, and creative content sourced from skilled subject matter experts to promote student engagement and support the development of communication, analytical, research and critical inquiry skills.


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