The 4Forward Process

Our unique process, proven over two decades of instructional design work, focuses on understanding client needs and fitting solutions to those needs. We take at least three – and often four – steps forward in considering how to make our learning materials as beneficial as possible. We carefully consider:

  1. the ideas of the instructional designer and subject matter experts
  2. the needs or wants of our clients
  3. the needs or wants of the learners, and
  4. the needs or wants of our clients' stakeholders

Our process is rooted in a unique ability to listen, understand, and translate needs into learning plans and talent development programs. We "dive in" to understand the needs of your organization. Whether your goal is better engagement, increased productivity, improved quality, or a better bottom line, we will identify and target areas for improvement, then tailor courses that provide tangible results.

We view your leaders from the perspectives of those they serve—employees, colleagues, and communities. Understanding the context in which you operate will inform our instructional design choices, and provide a platform for creating learning opportunities that will engage your leaders.








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