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Many organizations claim to put the needs of their clients first, but fail to deliver by offering cookie-cutter solutions to complex problems. Our mission is to exceed your expectations. We understand that what works for one organization may not work for another, and that you expect investments in training to have tangible, positive outcomes.

4Forward clients benefit from:

  • Compelling, relevant content
  • Easy-to-implement, immediate first steps
  • Our skill in conducting a thorough needs assessment
  • Customized solutions ensuring a perfect fit for your learners
  • Grounding in current research, such as the work of Henry Mintzberg and Peter Senge
  • The 70:20:10 learning model that emphasizes experiential and social learning to help participants better retain and apply skills
  • Our size–we're small enough to provide you with personalized, responsive service, but large enough to handle all your project needs, delivering on-time and on-budget.

We only take on projects if we are sure we can truly add value, and provide superior service.

We collaborate with your team to develop a curriculum and delivery method that suits your organization. Using our 4Forward process, we develop programs that target your specific needs, helping your team create action plans that can be implemented—right away.

At 4Forward, we believe the key to understanding customer needs is authentic and timely communication. For every project, 4Forward prepares a customized work plan with a clear communication plan.

What Learners Can Expect

We follow the design principle: "Read it, see it, do it." For every main learning objective, we build authentic and relevant workplace exercises through which learners will experience the main concepts visually, aurally and kinesthetically. We introduce variety wherever possible, including case studies / scenarios, practical examples, demonstrations, practice exercises, individual quests and quizzes.

We ensure that each main chapter, lesson or video segment contains an introduction, learning objectives, estimated completion time, required materials or tools (e.g. computer, Internet access), exercises and assessments. Finally, we provide assessments with emphasis on the questions, "Do I know what I need to know?", "Can I respond as I need to respond?" and "Can I do what I need to do?"


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