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We customize all learning materials for your unique needs. Here is a sampling of some of our recent workshop and online learning topics:

Building Leadership Capacity

Good leaders must be able to connect with the organization's vision and values, and help employees understand how their day-to-day work aligns with the bigger picture. Workshop topics include:

  • Holding Vision and Values
    Re-connect every day with your organization's vision and values with confidence and commitment.
  • Making Time for Reflection
    Leverage reflection to foster self-awareness, wisdom, compassion and increased personal capacity.
  • Relating to Others
    Develop an 'empathetic edge' as a powerfully effective tool in relating to others and developing your team, and your organization.
  • The Essential 4Forward Leadership Toolkit
    Harness the key traits of effective leaders that make most sense for you, building on strengths and shoring up weaknesses.

Building a Strong Team

These workshops are designed for current and future leaders who want to expand their leadership practice to encompass planning, hiring, building strong teams, and leading through change.

  • More than the Sum of Its Parts: Building Teams to Last
    Explore the true nature of collaboration, putting the empathetic edge into practice.
  • Creating a Coaching Culture
    Reflect on advanced practices in employee coaching, peer coaching and mentorship and practice using some 'real-world' simulations.
  • Finding and Maintaining the Best Fit
    Find and apply the practices that fit best in recruitment, interviewing, orientation and training. 
  • Managing For the Team You Want
    Explore performance assessment and management methods that lead to a strongly aligned team.
  • Next Generation Leadership
    Balance today's leadership needs with tomorrow's realities. What do the next generation of leaders need? How can we bridge the gap?
  • Leading through Change
    Learn how to successfully lead through change, building resiliency and adaptability and creating a learning culture.

Communicating as a Leader

Many work environments are busy, fractured, and disruptive, which can make it difficult to put leadership skills into practice. Fortunately, there are practical steps that you can take to maintain connection to core mission, vision and values in everyday interactions. You'll learn how to model good communication with your staff, how to listen actively, and how to understand your audience more deeply.

  • Communication I
    You do not need to be a talented writer to deliver powerful, inspiring messages. Learn core communication principles that will enable you to write what you mean to say, foster understanding, and empower others to follow through with action.
  • Communication II
    Practice and develop your skill as an 'active listening leader', deeply appreciating others—whatever their roles or backgrounds.
  • Decision Making
    Using a challenging case study and short decision scenarios, explore problem-solving and decision-making methods, creating your own toolkit of effective practices.
  • Making the Most of Meetings
    Build your skills as a facilitator, creating the environment and employing the methods necessary for productive, satisfying and efficient meetings.
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
    Explore different modes of conflict management, reframe your view of conflict and build your own contingency model for turning difficult situations into opportunities.
  • Creating Consensus out of Chaos
    Using methods that build on our 4Forward philosophy, tackle the trickiest issues facing your organization with confidence, maximizing your chances for positive resolution.
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