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Leadership Development

Creating better workplaces starts with creating better leaders. At 4Forward, that’s our passion. Through the exceptional learning experiences we create, you’ll benefit from profound and sustained ripple effects.

Leadership Development System

Our comprehensive, modular, and fully customizable Leadership Development System addresses four areas of mastery:

Based on thorough needs analysis we’ll select the most appropriate components and build your customized curriculum.

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Strategy & Methodology

Leadership and management development is about learning and adapting in a social context. We have spent years developing and refining our approach in this area. Our methodology has several features that will ensure you experience a robust and relevant leadership and management development program, one that strengthens team dynamics and helps your organization deliver improved results.

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We Understand What It’s Like

Having worked as leaders and managers ourselves, we understand the challenges of these roles. We know that leadership and management is often fractured and driven by interruptions. Leaders frequently lack time to plan and reflect, and are often required to make decisions despite the conflicting priorities of various stakeholders. We bring this perspective to all of our programs.

Servant Leadership

Research demonstrates that the leaders of organizations with sustained superior performance practice ‘servant’ or ‘selfless’ leadership; what author Jim Collins calls ‘Level 5 Leadership’. In a nutshell, those leaders with a mix of personal humility and professional will are more likely to lead organizations to exceptional performance over long periods of time. This is what we want for your organization.

What to Expect from Us

You will find us focused and collaborative, supporting your needs and goals as we develop your organization’s customized leadership development program. You will be thoughtfully assigned a 4Forward team led by a dedicated senior learning and development specialist. Together our team will deliver:

  • A strategy and methodology focused on your highest-priority goals
  • A program evaluation strategy based on Level 3 or 4 of the Kirkpatrick model
  • Robust needs assessment and psychometric reports
  • A curriculum featuring 70:20:10 on-the-job, social, and formal learning components
  • Instructor-led and/or online courseware, developed and customized using 4Forward’s Leadership Development System
  • Facilitation, coaching, and train-the-trainer support
  • Internal communication support, helping engage and align all stakeholders
  • An optional, dedicated micro-website for promoting and tracking leadership development resources, services and events
4Forward has completed several projects for the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), including instructor guides, self-directed workbooks, website “web quests,” orientation kits for employment counselors, and a guidebook called the Canadian Academy for Travel & Tourism (CATT) Succession Guide for career program staff at secondary schools. These projects have included learning blueprints, content capture (review and organization of printed and online materials, SME interviews, and focus groups), development of instructional and assessment strategies, and creative content development. The work produced in these projects is now being used by thousands of students in industry and at colleges in all regions of Canada."

— Jason Gourley, Former Program Manager

Canadian Tourism HR Council

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