In the face of unexpected change we sometimes act quickly, with wisdom, creativity, and calm resolve. With other unexpected events we may react with deep disappointment, anger, blame, and resistance.

Why do we sometimes respond effectively, and sometimes not?

Resilience is the capacity of an individual or organization to withstand challenging or unexpected environmental shifts. Adaptability is an individual or organization’s ability to adjust to changing situations or circumstances. Both resilience and adaptability are necessary to respond creatively and constructively in the face of adversity or change.

In this 4-part webinar series participants gain an understanding of what it takes to develop individual resilience and adaptability, and develop practical, personal strategies to become increasingly adaptable and resilient. Here’s the outline:

  • Webinar 1: Our usual psychological and biochemical response to stress; other factors working against resilience or adaptability; changing the way we change; the power of choice; getting unstuck from dysfunctional responses (blame, resist, attack or collapse)
  • Webinar 2: Personal characteristics and alternative responses supporting resilience; developing “positive intelligence” so that our mind serves rather than sabotages us; how saboteurs become your invisible masters, how to catch them “red-handed”
  • Webinar 3: Bouncing back and bouncing forward; practices that strengthen resilience and adaptability; building resilience and adaptability through inclusion and connection to others; tapping into diverse minds to generate new approaches, and solutions
  • Webinar 4: Review of tools and practices that strengthen resilience and adaptability; building your “AQ—Adaptability Quotient—using what if questions, active unlearning, and infusing an exploration mindset into life and work settings