How to build a resilient, engaged, and productive virtual team

Effective leaders create virtual teams that are cohesive, resilient, engaged, and productive. In this series of four one-hour webinars, leaders and team members explore the true nature of collaboration, and apply best practices in virtual team performance—in other words, learn to “manage for the team you want.” Participants engage in discussion of the stages and challenges of virtual team development. Activities equip participants to positively influence team development, and practice beneficial behaviors in a virtual team setting. Participants receive a PDF guidebook that outlines the best practices of virtual teams. To encourage participation it is generally best to limit attendance to 20 participants. Here’s the high-level outline:

  • In the first webinar, we explore building trust and establishing norms.
  • In the second, the topics are balancing independence with collaboration, and focusing on clear deliverables.
  • The third webinar is about identifying and resolving conflicts, and building commitment and engagement.
  • In the final session we look at strengthening communication, and the importance of reserving time to play.