How to Implement a Successful Training Program


If you are looking to implement a training and development program in your organization, ideally you want a program that has longevity, encourages maximum employee engagement and minimizes cost. Here are 4 helpful tips to consider that may help you achieve this goal. 1. Encourage your employees to seek training and improve skills It’s important [...]

How to Implement a Successful Training Program2024-05-02T12:20:19-04:00

Coaching Skills for Managers


I mproving your coaching skills as a manager is crucial, as it enables you to lead with empathy, insight, and a focus on growth for both individuals and the team. Let’s explore how you can build those skills. According to Daniel Goleman, there are six styles of leadership. A leader isn’t defined as being one [...]

Coaching Skills for Managers2024-01-25T14:50:52-05:00
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