Coaching Fundamentals

This online course features 6 interactive lessons introducing coaching
philosophy, terminology and methods, with a focus on coaching at work.

Empower your leaders of today and tomorrow.

Coaching Fundamentals Online offers a journey into the art of coaching in the workplace. It’s designed to develop your coaching skills, introducing you to the philosophy, terminology, and methods essential to coaching. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what coaching involves and how it can help you get the most out of your team. You’ll learn about the coaching mindset, and the GROW Model, a powerful framework for your coaching skills and practice. This comprehensive introduction is ideal for anyone looking to start coaching in a professional setting.

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6 Interactive Lessons

This online course feature 6 lessons introducing coaching philosophy, terminology and methods, with
a focus on coaching at work. Click on a lesson below to learn more.

What is Coaching?

  • How coaching will help you and your organization
  • When can I use it?
  • When should I not use it?
  • Who can be a coach?
  • What is the “coaching mindset?”
  • How do I deal with resistance?

How is Coaching Different?

  • How a change in focus can boost performance
  • Why coaching works well with today’s workforce
  • Optimism, honesty, and seeing unique individuals
  • Resisting blame, and encouraging honest evaluation

Coaching Culture and Values

  • Release of control
  • Release of belief in our superiority
  • How high self-awareness and responsibility are vital for high performance
  • How to encourage responsibility in employees

Coaching Skills

  • How to build a powerful question
  • How to use “interrogatives”
  • Why following a train of thought can be so useful
  • Techniques to improve active listening
  • How to give the two types of feedback

The GROW Model

  • How a structured coaching model can support you
  • The two types of goals, and how one supports the other
  • The best language for reality-checking
  • How to generate lots of options
  • Using to help an employee with their way forward

Getting Started!

  • How coaching will benefit you, and your organization
  • How you will free up time for yourself
  • How you will generate more creative ideas
  • How to start coaching
  • Planning your first coaching session


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