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How We Do It

One of the reasons for our long-term record of exceptional client service is that we know your needs and wants are unique. Through close collaboration, we strive to deeply understand your goals, learners and environment before designing, developing and implementing your customized program.

Our Difference

The 4Forward perspective
Friendly, attentive and responsive
Flexible, creative and affordable
The partner-plus approach

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We Understand What It’s Like

Having worked as leaders and managers ourselves, we understand the challenges of these roles. We know that leadership and management is often fractured and driven by interruptions. Leaders frequently lack time to plan and reflect, and are often required to make decisions despite the conflicting priorities of various stakeholders. We bring this perspective to all of our programs.

Servant Leadership

Research demonstrates that the leaders of organizations with sustained superior performance practice ‘servant’ or ‘selfless’ leadership; what author Jim Collins calls ‘Level 5 Leadership’. In a nutshell, those leaders with a mix of personal humility and professional will are more likely to lead organizations to exceptional performance over long periods of time. This is what we want for your organization.

Benefits of Engaging 4Forward

By engaging us as a partner in your leadership and management development your learners benefit, as does your entire organization.

Benefits to Your Learners

Benefits to Your Learners

  • Better retention through relevant, custom-fit content
  • More time to focus on highest-priority work tasks
  • Reduced time required for formal learning
  • Improved engagement and commitment
  • Happier outlook on work, and life
  • Improved performance across-the-board
Benefits to Your Organization

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Reduced costs through programs focused on your highest-priority needs
  • Reduced leadership and management turnover
  • A boost in resilience and adaptability
  • Improved leadership and management collaboration
  • Improved innovation, and responsiveness to challenges
I am very pleased with 4Forward’s work. They were exceptionally collaborative, flexible, and client-focused. They went to great lengths to customize their products and services to our needs, and seemed driven to fully understand our business needs and environment."

— Rebecca Macaulay, Former Director, Human Resources

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST)

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