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Our Process

Our creativity is supported by our rigorous 5-step process:

Step 1: Understand

4Forward is how we think. We dive in to understand the needs of your organization and goals of the project. We will work with you, your leaders, managers and staff, applying the 4Forward method to deeply understand what’s needed through interviews, surveys, research and focus groups, then documenting our findings and recommendations in a report with a plan for next steps.

Step 2: Design

Deep understanding sets us up for on-point, effective instructional design, complete with checks and review points for you. We identify a range of deep and provocative courses that will get to the core of your important issues and close your prioritized performance gaps.

Step 3: Develop

After you approve the design, we begin developing and assembling the course content and materials. We’ll work with your team to refine these through our regular conversations with you. We immerse ourselves in the views and aspirations – as well as limiting thoughts – of current and emerging leaders. Understanding their perspectives will ensure that we create materials that will achieve the desired results.

Step 4: Deliver

Once we have final approval on learning material it’s time to roll out the course to your learners—an exciting milestone for all involved!  We gather feedback and make course corrections along the way. If we provide facilitation and coaching services we get to know your leaders and managers, tweaking delivery with an eye on performance.

Step 5: Evaluate

At specific checkpoints—usually at 6- and 12-months—we gather data in order to analyze the program’s effectiveness.  Not only does this speak to your ROI, it identifies what elements of the program could be improved.  We then modify the curriculum, materials and delivery to sustain and improve the program’s effectiveness.

Working with David Luke and the team at 4Forward was a great experience. David and his team not only produced high quality deliverables, often times their team was one step ahead of me in knowing what my needs were for the project. The 4Forward team was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them for both the quality of the resources and the instructional design of their workshops and learning modules."

— Jen Stuart

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