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Custom eLearning

Your custom eLearning project begins here

Do you have an eLearning project but don’t know where to start?
Do you have content you’d like to turn into eLearning?
Are you struggling to understand how to get your eLearning project started?

4Forward will turn your content into an engaging interactive digital learning experience!

Why 4 Forward?

Great eLearning starts with great choices: identifying the right interactive tools for your audience so they can quickly grasp information while you share with them a lasting, meaningful message; creating engaging experiences grounded in adult learning and instructional design principles. Make learning leap forward by choosing 4Forward.

Make learning fun

Aim for creating a learning experience that doesn’t feel like a task. Entertaining and informative happen together when you choose 4Forward for online learning tools and training—all built on the premise that learning should be fun.


Tailor-made experiences

Connect meaningfully with your audience. It starts by understanding their needs and providing them with facts and steps that are relevant to them. 4Forward works closely with you to plan every learning experience so that it meets these needs every time.

Learning that sticks

4Forward’s online tools are designed to adhere to field-tested methods of instructional design. Learn about our eLearning development process.

Build a learning culture

Help your organization grow faster and smarter, powered by a culture that welcomes in-house learning on a regular basis. By expanding employee knowledge, and advancing skills and best practices, you create ideal conditions for people to thrive.

Learner focused

Achieve learner-appropriate results. We make it possible via a carefully considered learning plan, establishing clear objectives and choosing the right learning tools.


Working smarter made easy

From instructional design to focus group testing…from concept mapping to usability testing, your 4Forward project team plans and delivers your learning strategy. Every step is designed with audience ease-of-use in mind.

All the details that matter

From interface design to audio and video production…from database programming to customized platform delivery, no detail is too big or too small for us to look after.

Checklist approach

Explain, illustrate and test for comprehension. Count on 4Forward for a checklist approach that aims to ensure information becomes knowledge for every audience. Learn about our eLearning development process.

Here are some options we can provide…

  • Multilingual Versioning
  • Narration
  • Video

And here’s what you get, in every project…

  • User-friendly, responsive design, functioning in any browser and on any electronic device (laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablet)
  • All content SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant
  • All pages compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level A/AA, and compliant with accessibility legislation (e.g., Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act—AODA)
  • Post project support


Working the 4Forward team was a great experience. They not only produced high quality deliverables, often times they were one step ahead of me in knowing what my needs were for the project. I highly recommend them for both the design of their workshops and learning module and the quality of the resources."

— Jen Stuart, Former Manager

Ministry of Jobs, Skills and Tourism (StepUp BC)

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