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Building Effective Teams

Effective leaders create virtual and traditional teams that are cohesive, resilient, engaged, and productive. In this series of ten virtual workshops, leaders and team members explore the nature of collaboration and apply best practices in building effective teams—in other words, they learn to “manage for the team they want.”

Participants discuss the stages and challenges of building effective teams. Participants learn how to positively influence team development, and practice beneficial behaviors in a virtual team setting. PDF materials are included.

This workshop series can be customized to your team’s needs. Here are the standard components:

  • Team building basics—3 sessions covering the nature of a team, stages of team development, team roles, types of teams, the nature of team building, teams and personalities
  • Team building advanced—5 sessions covering team success factors, troubleshooting team dysfunctions, team decision making, assessing team talent and skills, team leadership, team communication, how beliefs and values affect team performance
  • Remote/virtual teams—2 sessions covering best practices in how to lead from a distance and how to run great virtual team meetings

Relationships are essential in building effective teams, and authentic communication is key in building relationships. Throughout this workshop series participants learn how to communicate honestly and authentically, deal with conflict effectively, and build high performance teams.

Among other research sources and models, we introduce and explore Lencioni’s model of team dysfunction, Tuckman’s stages of team development, and Google’s re:Work initiatives.

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