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Coaching Fundamentals (eLearning)

This eLearning module is about coaching for managers. It introduces coaching philosophy, terminology and methods, with a focus on coaching at work.  It can stand alone as an introduction to managerial coaching, or as preparation for an in-class or virtual workshops like 4Forward’s Manager as Coach series.

It is designed to introduce you to the mindset and skills that will boost productivity, employee satisfaction, and employee retention. Part of a manager’s job is to develop staff so that each employee can perform to the best of their ability. Coaching-based performance management can do just that.

As a manager you wear different hats. Sometimes you have to give direction. Other times you need to provide constructive feedback. Or, you may need to address a performance issue, or have a difficult conversation with an employee. While these are all important managerial skills, they are different from coaching. Coaching requires new skills, and a shift in mindset.

Coaching is an approach to personal and professional development that allows a manager and an employee to build an ongoing, supportive relationship, and set shared goals. Coaching’s goal is the continuous development of each employee, rather than the rating, ranking, rewarding—or punishing—of each employee. Coaching takes an entirely different approach to management. Instead of focusing on past performance, coaching is focused on potential.

The lessons of this e-learning module are self-directed so you can proceed at your own pace. Short quizzes are included at the end of each lesson. They are neither graded nor tracked; rather they are intended to help you gauge your understanding.

This entire coaching for managers eLearning module is designed to take about 2 hours to complete. You may take as little or as much time as you feel you need to fully understand the concepts. It is organized into 7 parts:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 – What is coaching?
  • Lesson 2 – How is coaching different?
  • Lesson 3 – Coaching culture and values
  • Lesson 4 – Coaching skills
  • Lesson 5 – The GROW Model
  • Lesson 6 – Getting started as a coach

After completing Coaching Fundamentals, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the fundamental principles of coaching
  2. Explain how coaching differs from more traditional approaches to management
  3. Explain how the ‘GROW’ model applies to employee development

In the virtual or in-person Manager as Coach workshops we introduce more advanced concepts, and provide opportunity for clarification, and practice.

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