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Manager as Coach (Part 2)

Changing circumstances require managers to be agile leaders, adapting to change and supporting their people in continuous learning and growth. This workshop will help you become that sort of agile leader.

Building on the principles covered in Manager as Coach (Part 1), you will broaden and deepen your understanding of coaching skills for managers, practice these skills, and develop plans to employ coaching with your team.

Great coaches typically have well -developed emotional intelligence—they are self-aware, have empathy for others, practice self-management, possess strong social awareness, and know how to build relationships. They develop rapport with coachees, and establish trusting relationships, setting foundations for success.

If you feel you may fall short in one or more of these areas don’t despair—these are all learnable skills. You can move from “Unconscious Incompetence” all the way through to “Unconscious Competence” with focus and practice.

You will learn and practice coaching skills in a virtual or in-person workshop. We’ll cover the essentials for proficient coaching: questioning skills, active listening techniques, diagnostic tools, and tips for integrating coaching into performance management.

We’ll provide concrete examples to help you develop your own approach to coaching and development, and provide support in handling performance problems.

In Manager as Coach (Part 2), you practice by addressing your own real-world concerns, gaining practical tips and strategies.

The entire workshop can be delivered in three virtual sessions, or in-person in half a day. As with all 4Forward learning experiences this workshop series can be customized to your team’s needs.

There are three standard modules, each between 60 and 90 minutes in duration:

  • Module 1 – Coaching skills for managers
  • Module 2 – Offering encouragement and feedforward
  • Module 3 – Coaching practice

After participating in this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Explain and demonstrate effective questioning and active listening
  2. Provide encouragement and feedforward
  3. Adapt and apply coaching skills to different situations on the job

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Working the 4Forward team was a great experience. They not only produced high quality deliverables, often times they were one step ahead of me in knowing what my needs were for the project. I highly recommend them for both the design of their workshops and learning module and the quality of the resources."

— Jen Stuart, Former Manager

Ministry of Jobs, Skills and Tourism (StepUp BC)

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