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Strategy & Methodology

Leadership and management development is about adapting in a social context. We have spent years developing and refining our approach in this area. Our methodology has several features that will ensure you experience a robust and relevant leadership and management development program, one that strengthens team dynamics and helps your organization deliver improved results.

Reduced Emphasis on Formal Training

We base our course designs on the 70:20:10 model. Research indicates that about 70% of what adults learn is through on-the-job experience, 20% through social learning, and 10% through formal training. We present information in ways that engage participants and generate discussion. We also provide assignments that encourage participants to integrate new concepts into their daily work.

Practical, Relevant Content

In assessing and designing leadership and management course offerings, we remember Hermann Ebbinghaus’ famous “forgetting curve” that shows we forget 50% of learned material within one hour unless it is put into practice. Our needs analysis and instructional design practices produce engaging, real-world learning materials, customized so that participants relate fully with the content.

Employing the Wisdom of Renowned Management Thinkers

We employ the wisdom of renowned academics and authors on business and management like Henry Mintzberg, who believes that:

  • management should emphasize teamwork, rather than rely on heroic individualism
  • effective leaders and managers are reflective in the context of taking action
  • management development works best as social learning in small groups

Research-supported Methods

Our work is always informed by research on adult learning principles and by our experience as organizational development consultants, instructional designers and facilitators. We include plenty of opportunities for learners to apply key concepts, using scenarios and simulations, personal action plans, accountability partners, and other techniques. These methods ensure participants retain what they’ve learned, apply what they’ve learned quickly, refine their approach, and internalize learning for long-term use.

Uncommon Focus

Few leadership development firms follow good design principles consistently because it takes time, sustained focus and clarity. Compared to other strategies and methodologies, our leadership and management development programs will:

  • Help you build strong internal communities
  • Help leaders learn more rapidly
  • Build in lasting change through reflection
  • Create leadership teams that are more cohesive, resilient, and productive
I’m very happy to say that 4Forward - known then as FocusFit Multimedia Learning - delivered beyond our expectations at all points of the project. Their planning was superb: they brought expert knowledge and advice to the project team’s Advisory Committee. They engaged in a thorough research process for the content of the product and ensured that the information provided in the workbook was on message, relevant and accurate. "

— Christopher Sloan

Citizenship & Immigration Canada

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