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Needs Analysis

What changes are needed most to move your organization forward?

What are the supporting factors? What are the limiting factors?

We help you answer these questions first, assessing your performance gaps and operational realities. We recognize this larger context—that a leadership development program is part of the solution.

We Get the Focus Right

Every organization contains a wealth of skills and talent, yet most have some significant performance gaps that their leaders struggle to close. Our needs assessment methodology reveals the priorities that are most critical in moving your organization forward. The organizational and leadership development plans we recommend for you will be targeted to better equip your leaders to get your organization operating more effectively.

What to Expect from Us

You can expect us to work to understand your organization and its people. We will
work in collaboration with your leaders, managers and staff to develop a sound needs
assessment by:

  • Conducting in-depth interviews and/or focus groups with your internal stakeholders
  • Reviewing your pertinent internal documents
  • Reviewing external information you believe is important for us to consider
  • Conducting external research on your industry, client base and community
  • Administering and interpreting organizational and individual diagnostic tools
  • Documenting our findings and recommendations in a report
4Forward has completed several projects for the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), including instructor guides, self-directed workbooks, website “web quests,” orientation kits for employment counselors, and a guidebook called the Canadian Academy for Travel & Tourism (CATT) Succession Guide for career program staff at secondary schools. These projects have included learning blueprints, content capture (review and organization of printed and online materials, SME interviews, and focus groups), development of instructional and assessment strategies, and creative content development. The work produced in these projects is now being used by thousands of students in industry and at colleges in all regions of Canada."

— Jason Gourley, Former Program Manager

Canadian Tourism HR Council

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