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Large Regional Municipality, Western Canada

Development of a Leadership Program

A large regional municipality in Western Canada has undergone unprecedented change over the last few years, and requires agile and resilient leaders to take on these challenges. 4Forward designed and developed 14 courses, grounded in best practices using leading research sources, and tailored specifically to the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework. Cohorts of 20–25 leaders and managers will work through the series of courses over a 1–3 year period. As the groups work through the courses in the program, leaders and managers will develop enhanced skills to strengthen team dynamics, improve communication and collaboration, and build skills in strategic planning. All courses align with corporate values, vision, strategy, and goals. Each course includes a detailed leadership development design document, Facilitator’s Guide, Participant Workbook, PowerPoint, and between-session assignments.

Leadership in Organizations and Community
The Value of Collaboration
Leaders as Coaches
Developing Effective Teams Part I
Developing Effective Teams Part II
Performance Coaching Part I
Performance Coaching Part II
Leadership Decision-Making Styles
Leadership Communication
Transforming Organizational Systems
Understanding Motivation and Engagement
Understanding Personality
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Understanding Conflict

Contract Dates:

January – October 2016


Government (Municipal / Regional)


Change Management




Leadership Development

Management Development

Working the 4Forward team was a great experience. They not only produced high quality deliverables, often times they were one step ahead of me in knowing what my needs were for the project. I highly recommend them for both the design of their workshops and learning module and the quality of the resources."

— Jen Stuart, Former Manager

Ministry of Jobs, Skills and Tourism (StepUp BC)