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Municipal and Community Affairs – Northwest Territories

Recreational Facility Supervisors – Management Training

In partnership with Tait Communications, 4Forward researched, designed, and developed a customized curriculum for recreational facility supervisors in the Northwest Territories. The three-day course was organized into seven modules and addressed many aspects of leadership. High-level concepts such as leadership styles and effective communication complemented modules covering topics such as managing people, managing conflict, managing risk, and managing the facility. In addition to in-class learning, 4Forward provided participants with a range of resources to reinforce the key concepts such as blogs, articles, and other relevant documents that participants could explore at their own pace. 4Forward adopted a plain language approach to the content to ensure the information was accessible to all learners and incorporated guided self-reflection and self-assessment into the curriculum. The content was designed for a northern audience and also addressed issues specific to Aboriginal Peoples.

Module 1
Leadership: Leadership Skills, Leadership Styles, Qualities and Abilities of an Effective Leader

Module 2
Managing Yourself: Communication, Planning & Goal Setting, Time Management

Module 3
Managing People: Hiring, Orientation & Training, Team Building, Employee Evaluation

Module 4
Managing Situations: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Dealing with Change

Module 5
Managing Your Facility: Financial Management, Facility Scheduling

Module 6
Risk Management: Life Cycle Planning, Risk Management, Emergency Health & Safety Procedures, Legislation

Contract Dates:

April – July 2014


Government (Municipal / Regional)



Leadership Development

Management Development

Property Management

4Forward brought a level of clarity that we had not seen from other firms. They didn’t bombard us with jargon or complicated training models – just a clear plan to help us get what we needed."

— Craig MacDonald, Former Manager, Training and Curriculum Development

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