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Municipal and Community Affairs – Northwest Territories

Recreational Facility Supervisors – Management Training

In partnership with Tait Communications, 4Forward researched, designed, and developed a customized curriculum for recreational facility supervisors in the Northwest Territories. The three-day course was organized into seven modules and addressed many aspects of leadership. High-level concepts such as leadership styles and effective communication complemented modules covering topics such as managing people, managing conflict, managing risk, and managing the facility. In addition to in-class learning, 4Forward provided participants with a range of resources to reinforce the key concepts such as blogs, articles, and other relevant documents that participants could explore at their own pace. 4Forward adopted a plain language approach to the content to ensure the information was accessible to all learners and incorporated guided self-reflection and self-assessment into the curriculum. The content was designed for a northern audience and also addressed issues specific to Aboriginal Peoples.

Module 1
Leadership: Leadership Skills, Leadership Styles, Qualities and Abilities of an Effective Leader

Module 2
Managing Yourself: Communication, Planning & Goal Setting, Time Management

Module 3
Managing People: Hiring, Orientation & Training, Team Building, Employee Evaluation

Module 4
Managing Situations: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Dealing with Change

Module 5
Managing Your Facility: Financial Management, Facility Scheduling

Module 6
Risk Management: Life Cycle Planning, Risk Management, Emergency Health & Safety Procedures, Legislation

Contract Dates:

April – July 2014


Government (Municipal / Regional)



Leadership Development

Management Development

Property Management

4Forward has completed several projects for Tourism HR Canada, including instructor guides, workbooks, eLearning content, orientation kits, and guidebooks. These projects have included learning blueprints, content capture, development of assessment strategies, and creative content development. The work produced in these projects is being used by thousands of learners in all regions of Canada."

— Jason Gourley, Former Program Manager

Tourism HR Canada