eLearning on occupational change helps newcomers find work.

The Challenge

When immigrants come to Canada, it’s often difficult to find work in the field in which they’ve trained. Foreign credentials aren’t always recognized so job-seekers need retraining, which comes with significant cost in time and money. When they have to take a job outside their field of expertise, many newcomers feel discouraged. ACCES Employment asked 4Forward to help them address these challenges by creating innovative eLearning on career transition for newcomers.

4Forward is very easy to work with and they quickly earned our trust. With their extensive instructional design experience, they are able to deliver outstanding ideas and content for courses and curricula in any industry.

Stephen Foley, President

The Process

Using content provided by ACCES Employment and conducting original research, 4Forward designed and developed three interactive career transition eLearning modules. The modules help learners prepare for new employment opportunities by examining models of change, reviewing alternative careers, and taking an inventory of their transferable skills.

One module was designed for all learners, one targeted internationally educated healthcare professionals (IEHPs), and one targeted learners with a background in education. For all modules we used a flipped classroom approach, where learners explore core concepts before discussing them in a workshop.

The Result

After completing these engaging career transition eLearning modules, learners arrive at the workshops with a solid understanding of basic concepts and themes and are better prepared to find work that leverages their skills and experience.

Project Snapshot

ACCES Employment supports
over 40,000 job-seekers offering
both online and in-person services across seven locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Non-Profit Service Agency

eLearning, Research

Skills Demonstrated

eLearning Development, Graphic Design, Instructional Design, Project Management, Storyboarding

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