Sharing user-friendly eLearning success strategies.

The Challenge

ACCES Employment serves newcomers to Canada with varying levels of experience with eLearning. After shifting in-person training to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACCES found out that many of their clients were struggling to understand eLearning terminology and needed help navigating and using eLearning to advance their knowledge. ACCES asked 4Forward to develop a short training module on practical eLearning success strategies.

I am very happy to say that 4Forward delivered beyond our expectations at all points of the project. They engaged in a thorough research process for the content of the product and ensured that the information provided in the workbook was on message, relevant and accurate.

Christopher Sloan, Former Integration Officer,
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

The Process

4Forward gathered the latest research on eLearning advantages, disadvantages, best uses and success strategies. We designed a module that provides an orientation to eLearning and describes the similarities to —and differences with—in-person learning. We then provided useful eLearning success strategies in five key areas:

  • Mental habits
  • Health habits
  • Study habits
  • Physical environment
  • Interacting with the instructor and other Learners

The Result

ACCES clients now have a user-friendly resource that teaches them how to maximize their eLearning experience. Our eLearning design includes interactivity, quizzes and practical tips for learning success, making the module highly engaging and helping ACCES clients retain what they learn.

Project Snapshot

ACCES Employment supports
over 40,000 job-seekers offering
both online and in-person services across seven locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Non-Profit Service Agency

eLearning, Research

Skills Demonstrated

Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Storyboarding

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