Developing coaching skills for managers.

The Challenge

The benefits of coaching for managers are clear. It improves individual performance, boosts staff engagement and increases employee retention. Our client needed comprehensive and practical training in coaching skills for managers so they could transition from traditional performance review and management to a coaching approach.

4Forward demonstrated deep understanding of the philosophy and methods of advanced leadership and management development. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from them about current best practices in leadership development. I found the team responsive, proactive, willing to listen to suggestions, and keen to create materials that were well adapted to our needs.

Danielle Baker, Chief Human Resources Officer
Ontario Northland

The Process

We started by conducting deep research into coaching models and methodologies. From there, we developed detailed outlines for in-class and eLearning modules for a blended training program. Working closely with our client, we created two modules using plain language and focusing on the organization’s existing performance management processes. Coaching is a nuanced combination of art and science, so we made sure to include plenty of hands-on opportunities for participants to observe, experience and practice coaching skills for managers during the in-class training.

The Result

A customized coaching program for managers with both online and in-class components. A 90-minute eLearning module, “Coaching Fundamentals,” primes participants with the foundations of coaching, setting them up a 6 hours of workshop content, “Coaching for Success.” The program explains coaching theory and practice, provides practical tools that participants can apply right away, and gives participants the opportunity to practice new skills.

Project Snapshot

Government of the Northwest Territories


Custom Training, eLearning

Skills Demonstrated
Instructional Design, Graphic Design, eLearning Development, Project Management

Project Screenshots

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