Rallying your corporate staff by creating shared vision and values.

The Challenge

Our client wanted an inspiring vision, with values to support it. And they wanted buy-in and support from employees—in other words, a workplace culture where employees care about the organization’s vision and values.

I am very pleased with 4Forward’s work. They were exceptionally collaborative, flexible, and client-focused. They went to great lengths to customize their products and services to our needs, and seemed driven to fully understand our business needs and environment.

Rebecca Macaulay, Former Director, Human Resources
Saskatchewan Polytechnic

The Process

An organization’s vision and values are crucial for success. But they can often sound generic and abstract. So we proposed creating behavioural anchors—specific actions that support each of their values.

We conducted a thorough needs analysis and consultation with employees via survey and focus groups. Then we held workshops at all levels to identify and create the behavioural anchors. We then created a vision and values roadmap, communication strategy and vision statement.

At the end of the project, we facilitated a series of management briefings on behaviours that support successful change in organizational culture.

The Result

Involving employees at all levels built the engagement and buy-in our client needed. Now, there is a clear connection between behaviour and vision, so staff at all levels can work toward organizational goals together.

Project Snapshot

Financial institution responsible for formulating national economic policy and promoting a sound financial system within the country

Government, Finance

Research, Custom Training, Workshop Delivery

Skills Demonstrated

Facilitation, Instructional Design, Project Management

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